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4000 Year Old

Ancient Art...

 Rich in History - Full of Treasures             When asked about what makes the 4000 year old art of rug weaving so special, owner Haydon McPartland says;       "Hand-woven rugs have the power to completely change a room.  A well-made piece may last anywhere from 100 to 300 years or more, so they are looked upon as family treasures which are handed down to future generations with many memories attached to them.  Rug weaving is an art form to be appreciated just as a fine painting would be appreciated."

Beautiful Hand Tied Oriental Rugs

From these well known rug weaving nations: India, China, Tibet, Turkey, Pakistan, Persia, and Afghanistan.

"Our goal is to share our knowledge and educate our customers, not to create an obligation to buy. People like the casual atmosphere."

 Sale!  All runners are 50% off our already low prices!
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