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Our Story...

King's Mill, built in 1836, was the first building to go up in the general area west of St. Charles. It operated as a grist mill for over 50 years before being converted into the Wanzer Milk Creamery in the 1930's.

              The present owners took posession five generations ago, when their grandfather, Hayden DeGinac, started building fine furniture and restoring antiques in the late 1930's. The family tradition of skilled craftsmanship continues to this day with Haydon McPartland, his wife Kathy McPartland, their son Josh, his wife Ali, and even their grandchildren. Visitors who enter the shop downstairs find craftspeople, who are always busy restoring antique treasures and family heirlooms.  Upstairs, you will find hand woven rugs from eleven different rug weaving nations displayed in the original, exposed beam framework of this amazing historic building.

          Restoration of the building began over 30 years ago, rebuilding brick walls and driveways, repairing split rail fences, and planting beautiful gardens. Venture upstairs and step into another century. The interior, with its hand hewn beams, plankwood floors, brick and beam fireplaces, and handmade paneling, doors, and windows make the building a charming setting for what has grown into a truly priceless family business.



Rich in History 


        When asked about what makes the 4000 year old art of rug weaving so special, owner Haydon McPartland says;

       "Hand-woven rugs have the power to completely change a room.  A well-made piece may last anywhere from 100 to 300 years or more, so they are looked upon as family treasures which are handed down to future generations with many memories attached to them.  Rug weaving is an art form to be appreciated just as a fine painting would be appreciated."


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